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Hey there! 👋

I'm Dorell and I'm so grateful that you're here. I'm a full-stack dev and I so love React, and everything JS. I'm all yours when it comes to giving back to the community.

We might have met! Yay. I'm active in our local community here in Cebu, Philippines. Did you know we have a vibrant community consisting of different tech? Plus, the great thing about it is that we're all friends and we're all striving to make this city a much better place. I give talks and/or lead/co-lead tech communities namely Laravel Cebu, React Cebu, and JavaScript Cebu.

In this digital garden, I'll be giving you an inside peek of what I'm doing and some thoughts I probably wouldn't share normally. As this isn't a blog, I'll be freer to write not to perfection the things I want to share. Yay! 😊

I tend to be most active on tech community chat groups on messenger where I hang out there where we talk, help each other, or sometimes just goofing around.

In supporting me through here, you'll be directly supporting me, what I care about, and especially with the love, I have for the community. This will be fun, and I'm so excited to get to meet you! 😊